2017 Pliska Harris Holiday Orchestra ft. Kurt Elling

to benefit the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Monday, Nov. 20th, at Power Station (Avatar studio C)

Arranging, composing and orchestrating idol of mine, Greg Pliska, and I are teaming up this year to bring you the SECOND ANNUAL session player fundraiser for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. We're incredibly pleased to announce that this year's vocalist will be Grammy winner Kurt Elling. 

We'll get together like last year ... and record a chart. Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence will then use our song (with video of the session) this Holiday season to greet their supporters virally, and ramp up giving efforts for the year's end. If you'd like to assist by donating your musical ability, please email me at mail@joanneharriscomposer.com and if Greg or I do not know your playing, please send website / demos. 

I will do my best to make sure everyone has a part that wants one in our pickup band; but space is limited this year, so please don't feel offended if we can't use everyone that volunteers. If you cannot make the session but wish to donate, you can do so on the Brady Center Crowdrise page for this event

Holiday after party for all participants and friends in Manhattan, details TBD. 

All OF the LOVE - - - - Jh